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A content type, workflow, and portlet for conducting online polls, for anonymous and logged-in users
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A content type, workflow, and portlet for conducting online polls, for anonymous and logged-in users.


  • Polls can be open for anonymous users to vote
  • Voting can take place in the object or in a voting portlet
  • The voting portlet shows automatically the latest open poll or a specific open poll
  • Users can see partial results of the poll
  • Results can be shown using a bar chart, a pie chart, or just by number of votes
  • Polls can have relations with other content in the site

Workflow description

The workflow associated with polls has the following states: Private, Pending review, Open and Closed.

  • Polls are created in Private state; only Owner, Manager, Editor or Site Administrator roles can modify them
  • When a poll is Private it can be sent to Pending review or directly to Open, if the user has the proper role (Reviewer, Manager, Site Administrator)
  • When a poll is Pending review it can be edited by Manager, Editor, Reviewer or Site Administrator roles
  • A poll in Pending review can be sent to Open, with "Review portal content" permission, or to Private, with "Request review" permission
  • When the poll is Open, people can only vote; nobody can modify the poll in any way
  • An Open poll can be sent to Private or Closed state by Reviewer, Manager or Site Administrator roles
  • When an Open poll is sent to Private, all votes are removed to avoid data manipulation.
  • When a poll is Closed nobody can modify it, nor can anyone vote on it; there is no way to reopen a closed poll
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