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This is a simple portlet that displays content similar to the present context. Related items are compiled based on the context title and keywords. In case of a folderish context related items are computed based on the contents of the folder and the folder information.


The relateditems portlet is used in production. See


The portlet has the following options available to it on the Add screen.

  • count
    This is the number of recent items that will be shown in the portlet.
  • states
    The workflow states the items must be in to be shown in the portlet.
  • allowed_types
    The allowed types to be shown in the portlet and the 'more...' link search
  • show_all_types
    Choose whether or not all types should be available for the 'more...' link. This will search for all content types when clicking on 'more...'
  • portlet_title
    Title in portlet.
  • only_subject
    If selected, we will search only on content subject.
  • display_all_fallback
    If selected, we will display all llowed items where there are no results for our current related items query
  • display_description
    If selected, we will show the content short description