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collective.portlet.sitemap Installation
* When you're reading this you have probably already run
``easy_install collective.portlet.sitemap``. Find out how to install setuptools
(and EasyInstall) here:
* Create a file called ``collective.portlet.sitemap-configure.zcml`` in the
``/path/to/instance/etc/package-includes`` directory. The file
should only contain this::
<include package="collective.portlet.sitemap" />
Alternatively, if you are using zc.buildout and the plone.recipe.zope2instance
recipe to manage your project, you can do this:
* Add ``collective.portlet.sitemap`` to the list of eggs to install, e.g.:
eggs =
* Tell the plone.recipe.zope2instance recipe to install a ZCML slug:
recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
zcml =
* Re-run buildout, e.g. with:
$ ./bin/buildout
You can skip the ZCML slug if you are going to explicitly include the package
from another package's configure.zcml file.
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