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A Plone page that can contain portlets
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After installing this product, you will be able to add a "Portlet Page".

This is like a standard Plone Page, but it also has a "Manage portlets" tab, from which you may assign portlets into four slots. The portlets will be shown on the main view of the content.

Managing content's portlets

Use of other content data like title, description and body text can be avoided, making the Portlet Page simply a portlet container.

This product is great for providing to your Plone sites a tool for building the site homepage, or the home for a site subsection.

Example of the user view

Similar product

Other Plone users like creating homepage using Collage.


Add the collective.portletpage eggs in your buildout.cfg configuration file (see also the Plone buildout documentation):



For reporting issues or ask for new features, please refer to the product issue tracker


This product was mainly developed by Martin Aspeli, and other from the Plone community.


This work was sponsored by:

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