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This package provides an integration of the reCAPTCHA service into Zope. ReCAPTCHA is a third-party CAPTCHA service provided by Google.

The API is based on collective.captcha and is provided via a "@@captcha" browser view, so these two packages can be swapped for each other relatively simply. Use collective.captcha if you need to not be dependent on an external service; use collective.recaptcha for a slightly better user experience.


To upgrade to collective.recaptcha 2.* (reCaptcha API V2), you need double check your keys because global keys are not supported in the V2 API, so you need to create a new key if you wish to use the V2 API.

Installation and Configuration

Simply make sure that the ZCML for this package is loaded. (You cannot configure this package at the same time as collective.captcha, because the '@@captcha' browser view registration will conflict.)

Before the service will work, you must obtain a public and private key from, and configure them at http://path/to/site/@@recaptcha-settings

You can use in your profile to provide your configuration:

  <records interface="collective.recaptcha.settings.IRecaptchaSettings">
   <value key="public_key"></value>
   <value key="private_key"></value>


You can insert a Recaptcha using the following TAL:

<tal:block tal:replace="structure context/@@captcha/image_tag"/>

You can verify Recaptcha input by testing the return value of:


Differences between this package's API and collective.captcha

Because the simplest form of Recaptcha is rendered entirely via a remote call to the service, we couldn't implement the ICaptchaView interface from collective.captcha exactly as it was defined there. Differences include:

* The image_tag method returns the HTML for the entire CAPTCHA widget,
  including text entry and audio link, not just the tag for the CAPTCHA

* The audio_url method returns None

* The verify method does not require the input parameter, as a standard
  form input name is used and the value can be found in the request.

* There is an additional method, external, which simply returns True.
  This is a bit of a hack so that a template requiring captcha can
  adjust to the different semantics of the @@captcha view in this
  package as compared to collective.captcha.


This add-on is tested using Travis CI. The current status of the add-on is :