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2.21 (unreleased)

  • Nothing changed yet.

2.20 (2014-11-11)

  • Add enable_fullbackup option. Default: true, so no change compared to previous version. [maurits]
  • Create backup/snapshot/zipbackup directories only when needed. Running the backup script should not create the snapshot directories. [maurits]
  • Add zipbackup and ziprestore scripts when enable_zipbackup = true. [maurits]

2.19 (2014-06-16)

  • Call repozo with --quick when making an incremental backup. This is a lot faster. Theoretically it lead to inconsistency if someone is messing in your backup directory. You can return to the previous behavior by specifying quick = false in the backup recipe part in your buildout config. [maurits]
  • check and create folders now happens after pre_commands is run [@djay]

2.18 (2014-04-29)

  • Add rsync_options option. These are added to the default rsync -a command. Default is no extra parameters. This can be useful for example when you want to restore a backup from a symlinked directory, in which case rsync_options = --no-l -k does the trick. [fiterbek]

2.17 (2014-02-07)

  • Add alternative_restore_sources option. This creates a bin/altrestore script that restores from an alternative backup location, specified by that option. You can use this to restore a backup of the production data to your testing or staging server. [maurits]
  • When checking if the backup script will be able to create a path, remove all created directories. Until now, only the final directory was removed, and not any created parent directories. [maurits]
  • Testing: split the single big doctest file into multiple files, to make the automated tests less dependent on one another, making it easier to change them and add new ones. [maurits]
  • No longer test with Python 2.4, because Travis does not support it out of the box. Should still work fine. [maurits]

2.16 (2014-01-14)

2.15 (2013-09-16)

  • Restore compatibility with Python 2.4 (Plone 3). [maurits]

2.14 (2013-09-09)

  • Archive blob backups with buildout option gzip_blob. [matejc]

2.13 (2013-07-15)

  • When printing that we halt the execution due to an error running repozo, actually halt the execution. [maurits]

2.12 (2013-06-28)

  • Backup directories are now created when we launch backup or fullbackup or snapshotbackup scripts, no more during initialization. [bsuttor]

2.11 (2013-05-06)

  • Print the names of filestorages and blobstorages that will be restored. Issue #8. [maurits]
  • Added a new command-line argument : --no-prompt disables user input when restoring a backup or snapshot. Useful for shell scripts. [bouchardsyl]
  • Fixed command-line behavior with many arguments and not only a date. [bouchardsyl]

2.10 (2013-03-30)

  • Added fullbackup script that defaults to full=true. This could have been handled by making a new part, but it seemed like overkill to have to generate a complete new set of backup scripts, just to get one for full. [spanky]

2.9 (2013-03-06)

  • Fixed possible KeyError: blob_snapshot_location. [gforcada]

2.8 (2012-11-13)

2.7 (2012-09-27)

  • additional_filestorages improved: blob support and custom location. [mamico]

2.6 (2012-08-29)

  • Added pre_command and post_command options. See the documentation. [maurits]

2.5 (2012-08-08)

2.4 (2011-12-20)

  • Fixed silly indentation error that prevented old blob backups from being deleted when older than keep_blob_days days. [maurits]

2.3 (2011-10-05)

  • Quit the rest of the backup or restore when a repozo call gives an error. Main use case: when restoring to a specific date repozo will quit with an error when no files can be found, so we should also not try to restore blobs then. [maurits]
  • Allow restoring the blobs to the specified date as well. [maurits]

2.2 (2011-09-14)

  • Refactored script generation to make a split between initialization code and script arguments. This restores compatibility with zc.buildout 1.5 for system pythons. Actually we no longer create so called 'site package safe scripts' but just normal scripts that work for all zc.buildout versions. [maurits]
  • Added option keep_blob_days, which by default specifies that only for partial backups we keep 14 days of backups. See the documentation. [maurits]
  • Remove old blob backups when doing a snapshot backup. [maurits]

2.1 (2011-09-01)

  • Raise an error when the four backup location options (blobbackuplocation, blobsnapshotlocation, location and snapshotlocation) are not four distinct locations (or empty strings). [maurits]
  • Fixed possible TypeError: 'Option values must be strings'. Found by Alex Clark, thanks. [maurits]

2.0 (2011-08-26)

  • Backup and restore blobs, using rsync. [maurits]
  • Ask if the user is sure before doing a restore. [maurits]

1.7 (2010-12-10)

  • Fix generated repozo commands to work also when recipe is configured to have a non Data.fs main db plus additional filestorages. e.g.: datafs= var/filestorage/main.fs additional = catalog [hplocher]

1.6 (2010-09-21)

  • Added the option enable_snapshotrestore so that the creation of the script can be removed. Backwards compatible, if you don't specify it the script will still be created. Rationale: you may not want this script in a production buildout where mistakenly using snapshotrestore instead of snapshotbackup could hurt. [fredvd]

1.5 (2010-09-08)

  • Fix: when running buildout with a config in a separate directory (like bin/buildout -c conf/prod.cfg) the default backup directories are no longer created inside that separate directory. If you previously manually specified one of the location, snapshotlocation, or datafs parameters to work around this, you can probably remove those lines. So: slightly saner defaults. [maurits]

1.4 (2010-08-06)

  • Added documentation about how to get the required bin/repozo script in your buildout if for some reason you do not have it yet (like on Plone 4 when you do not have a zeo setup). Thanks to Vincent Fretin for the extra buildout lines. [maurits]

1.3 (2009-12-08)

  • Added snapshotrestore script. [Nejc Zupan]

1.2 (2009-10-26)

  • The part name is now reflected in the created scripts and var/ directories. Originally bin/backup, bin/snapshotbackup, bin/restore and var/backups plus var/snapshotbackups were hardcoded. Those are still there when you name your part [backup]. With a part named [NAME], you get bin/NAME, bin/NAME-snapshot, bin/NAME-restore and var/NAMEs plus var/NAME-snapshots. Request by aclark for [reinout]

1.1 (2009-08-21)

  • Run the cleanup script (removing too old backups that we no longer want to keep) for additional file storages as well. Fixes [maurits]
  • Moved everything into a src/ subdirectory to ease testing on buildbot (which would grab all egss in the eggs/ dir that buildbot's mechanism creates. [reinout]

1.0 (2009-02-06)

  • Quote all paths and arguments so that it works on paths that contain spaces (specially on Windows). [sidnei]

0.9 (2008-12-05)

  • Windows path compatibility fix. [Juan A. Diaz]

0.8 (2008-09-23)

  • Changed the default for gzipping to True. Adding gzip = true to all our server deployment configs gets tired pretty quickly, so doing it by default is the best default. Stuff like this needs to be changed before a 1.0 release :-) [reinout]
  • Backup of additional databases (if you have configured them) now takes place before the backup of the main database (same with restore). [reinout]

0.7 (2008-09-19)

  • Added $BACKUP-style enviroment variable subsitution in addition to the tilde expansion offered by 0.6. [reinout, idea by Fred van Dijk]

0.6 (2008-09-19)

  • Fixed the test setup so both bin/test and python test work. [reinout+maurits]
  • Added support for ~ in path names. And fixed a bug at the same time that would occur if you call the backup script from a different location than your buildout directory in combination with a non-absolute backup location. [reinout]

0.5 (2008-09-18)

  • Added support for additional_filestorages option, needed for for instance a split-out catalog.fs. [reinout]
  • Test setup fixes. [reinout+maurits]

0.4 (2008-08-19)

  • Allowed the user to make the script more quiet (say in a cronjob) by using 'bin/backup -q' (or --quiet). [maurits]
  • Refactored initialization template so it is easier to change. [maurits]

0.3.1 (2008-07-04)

  • Added 'gzip' option, including changes to the cleanup functionality that treats .fsz also as a full backup like .fs. [reinout]
  • Fixed typo: repoze is now repozo everywhere... [reinout]

0.2 (2008-07-03)

  • Extra tests and documentation change for 'keep': the default is to keep 2 backups instead of all backups. [reinout]
  • If debug=true, then repozo is also run in --verbose mode. [reinout]

0.1 (2008-07-03)

  • Added bin/restore. [reinout]
  • Added snapshot backups. [reinout]
  • Enabled cleaning up of older backups. [reinout]
  • First working version that runs repozo and that creates a backup dir if needed. [reinout]
  • Started project based on zopeskel template. [reinout]
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