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PyDev is a Python IDE for Eclipse.

Among many useful things it highlights syntax errors, allows code completion and code navigation. For these to fully work, it is necessary to configure the project's external dependencies appropriately.

This recipe

PyDev adds a new PyDev Project to Eclipse.

This zc.buildout recipe generates the two files that define a PyDev Project:

.project and .pydevproject.

Apart from simple project configuration, the recipe adds the eggs of your choice as external dependencies. Their transitive dependencies are added as well.


  1. Usually the PyDev Project files .project and .pydevproject are not good candidates for versioning. The reason is that these can easily contain user specific information, like personal directory paths. This recipe allows you to version, in a buildout file, the information necessary to generate these files.
  2. Configuring the PyDev Project external dependencies by hand is neither clear not easy.
  3. Users of Maven and Eclipse JDT might find this project build generation very familiar. (Don't use Java? I thought every Eclipse user did.)


Add your recipe configuration to buildout.cfg and include it in ${buildout:parts}. An example:

parts = ... pydevproject

recipe = collective.recipe.pydevproject
name = my_project_name
src =
python-version = python 2.7
python-interpreter = Default
eggs = any_egg_you_want
extra-paths =
projects = some-other-project


These match the options of a PyDev Project.

The project name. This is just for Eclipse and can be anything you want.
The source folders, relative to the root of the project. Usually src. (TODO: get this from ${buildout:develop} and
The combination of interpreter and grammar version. E.g. python 2.7

The interpreter name, as configured in the the Eclipse Preferences for PyDev. Usually Default is fine.

Remember to register at least one interpreter in Eclipse before using your project. That can be done in Window > Preferences > PyDev > Interpreter - Python > New....

Extra paths to add to the Python path. Each path should be on a separate line. Paths may contain wildcards (*), these are evaluated upon install.
The eggs that will be listed as external dependencies. You don't need to include transitive dependencies. This is done automatically.
Referenced projects (by name) as they appear in Eclipse.


Source code lives at

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