Reveal some not-so-hidden Plone feature for sorting your folders
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Fix reversing the current order in Plone 4.



Alternative product

This product is mainly deprecated. Think about switching to wildcard.foldercontents, that is part on Plone 5.


There's a piece of software that make possible sorting items in Plone, and it contains hidden additional features. Normally, when you call a sort action in Plone, you call a URL like this:


... of course, KSS/jQuery stuff in recent Plone versions will hide this feature, but is still available when you disable Javascript.

The Plone UI has no way at the moment for performing actions like this:


But this feature is inside Plone: in this way you will sort a folder automatically, using a field value for comparison (like title, or created).

What this product does

This product adds to Plone some of the features that follow.

Can now sort a folder in reverse order

You can call an URL like this:


and this will sort the folder using reverse criteria.

Add "delta" criteria to the sorting mechanism

You can call:


and this will move the content down by 4 slots instead of the default 1 (this feature is not so useful if you use Plone KSS/jQuery/Javascript sorting).

Add a nice Plone interface for global folder sorting

Your "Action" menu will be populated with a new entry: "Sort folder". This will present the user a Plone form where he can perform common sorting operations.

Sort my folder form

The last option makes it possible for users to specify a custom attribute that's not in the list. It is hidden by default and is shown by Javascript as it needs some Javascript to work anyway. If you don't like this option, just add a CSS rules which hides the choice_custom_field element.

What this product isn't

This product only reveals features that are already in Plone (inside the orderObjects method). It will not add new sorting behaviour.


Testing for collective.sortmyfolder has been done on:

  • Plone 3.3
  • Plone 4.2
  • Plone 4.3

Note that on Plone 4, reverse sorting on the position does not work. Work is under way to fix this. It needs changes in both collective.sortmyfolder and the core plone.folder package.


Developed with the support of S. Anna Hospital, Ferrara

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S. Anna Hospital supports the PloneGov initiative.


This product was developed by RedTurtle Technology team.

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