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Is the implementation for adding a new element in the "Add new" a good implementation? #9

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The implementation done in af4150f and 1ccac46 is a good implementation in the sense that it solves the problem, but it raises some issues:

  • If you want to do the same in some other package, you'll have to inherit from FactoriesMenu defined in this package, in order to not loose the menu item added here.
  • You need to add extra logic in getMenuItems in order to add this entry based on some condition (right now, it will be shown in every folderish item with the "Add new" menu)

In my opinion, we should revert this to the previous implementation, with a "dummy" content type, that it will be picked up by Plone's getMenuItems.

However, the best solution(in my opinion) would be if Plone's getMenuItems implemented some kind of adapter lookup that will allow any package to extend the functionality of this menu.

Thoughts ?

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Adding a way to include extra items to the "Add new" menu? #2

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