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Makes Plone File Uploads easy

Multifileupload for Plone using uploadify

Plone integration

Upload folder tab action is install with default profile. You can install it via portal_quickinstaller or via Addons section in control panel.


The following settings can be done in the site_properties. (please use string properties only!):

  • ul_auto_upload -- true/false (default: false)

    Set to true if you would like the files to be uploaded when they are selected.

  • ul_allow_multi -- true/false (default: true)

    Set to true if you want to allow multiple file uploads.

  • ul_sim_upload_limit -- number 1-n (default: 4)

    A limit to the number of simultaneous uploads you would like to allow.

  • ul_queue_size_limit -- number 1-n (default: 999)

    A limit to the number of files you can select to upload in one go.

  • ul_size_limit -- size in bytes (default: empty)

    A number representing the limit in bytes for each upload.

  • ul_file_description -- text (default: empty)

    The text that will appear in the file type drop down at the bottom of the browse dialog box.

  • ul_file_extensions -- list of extensions (default: *.*;)

    A list of file extensions you would like to allow for upload. Format like *.ext1;*.ext2;*.ext3. FileDesc is required when using this option.

  • ul_button_text -- text (default: BROWSE)

    The text you would like to appear on the default button.

  • ul_button_image -- path to image (default: empty)

    The path to the image you will be using for the browse button. NOTE: If you are using a **different sized button image* you have to set ul_height and ul_width otherwise your ul_button_image will be stretched to the defaults (110x30)*

  • ul_hide_button -- true/false (default: false)

    Set to true if you want to hide the button image.

  • ul_script_access -- always/sameDomain (default: sameDomain)

    The access mode for scripts in the flash file. If you are testing locally, set to `always`.

  • ul_width -- number (default: 110)

    The ul_width value which should be set when using a different sized ul_button_image

  • ul_height -- number (default: 30)

    The ul_height value which should be set when using a different sized ul_button_image

  • ul_scale_image_size -- x,y

    These two values define the max x,y size in pixels of the image. Scales an image down to at most ul_scale_image_size size preserving aspect ratio. Example: 800,600 to set a maximum size of 800x600 pixels

  • ul_content_field -- Contenttype.field

    The uploaded file is included into the specific field from the specific Contenttype Example: File.file it uploads to field file from the contenttype File

Adding a custom File Mutator Utility

If you want to so some special handling for uploaded files before they get created in the portal, you can simply register a new utility providing the IFileMutator Interface.

Your utility will be called with file_name, file_data, content_type just before the content will be created in the portal.



type: str

example: my-image.jpg


type: <ZPublisher.HTTPRequest.FileUpload instance at -...>

can be used just like a file.


type: str

example: 'image/jpeg'


A simple utility which adds a "photo-" prefix to image filenames


<!-- An Utility to give images an "photo-" prefix -->
<utility component=".utility.prefix_image_filename"

from zope import interface

def prefix_image_filename(file_name, file_data, content_type):
    """ Prefix all images with 'photo-<filename>'
    # we only handle image files
    if not content_type.startswith("image"):
        return (file_name, file_data, content_type)

    if not file_name.startswith("photo"):
        file_name = "-".join(["photo", file_name])
    return (file_name, file_data, content_type)



Your utility has to return a tuple of:

(file_name, file_data, content_type)

Customization for specific BrowserLayer

If you have your own skin installed which is based on it's own BrowserLayer (by default IThemeSpecific) and want to customize the look and feel of collective.uploadify's you could override the upload view and/or the upload initialize callback view

  • Customize view template:

        <!-- Customize collective.uploadify upload template -->
  • Customize initialize template:

    from zope.i18n import translate
    from zope.component import getMultiAdapter
    from collective.uploadify.browser.upload import UploadInitalize
    from my.product import MyMessageFactory as _
    class MyCustomUploadInitalize(UploadInitalize):
        """ Initialize uploadify js
        def upload_settings(self):
            portal_state = getMultiAdapter(
                (self.context, self.request), name="plone_portal_state")
            settings = super(MyCustomUploadInitalize, self).upload_settings()
                ul_height = 26,
                ul_width = 105,
                ul_button_text = translate(_('Choose images'), target_language= \
                                           self.request.get('LANGUAGE', 'de')),
                ul_button_image = portal_state.navigation_root_url() + \
            return settings

    Don't forget to register the new upload initialize view for your themespecific browserlayer by using: