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# convenience Makefile to run tests and QA tools
# options: zc.buildout options
# src: source path
# minimum_coverage: minimun test coverage allowed
# pep8_ignores: ignore listed PEP 8 errors and warnings
# max_complexity: maximum McCabe complexity allowed
# css_ignores: skip file names matching find pattern (use ! -name PATTERN)
# js_ignores: skip file names matching find pattern (use ! -name PATTERN)
SHELL = /bin/sh
options = -N -q -t 3
src = src/collective/weather/
minimum_coverage = 98
pep8_ignores = E501
max_complexity = 15
css_ignores = ! -name jquery\*
js_ignores = ! -name jquery\*
sudo apt-get install ack-grep
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js -y
sudo apt-get update 1>/dev/null
sudo apt-get install nodejs npm -y
csslint-install: nodejs-install
npm install csslint -g
jshint-install: nodejs-install
npm install jshint -g
@echo Validating Python files
bin/flake8 --ignore=$(pep8_ignores) --max-complexity=$(max_complexity) $(src)
css-validation: ack-install csslint-install
@echo Validating CSS files
find $(src) -type f -name *.css $(css_ignores) | xargs csslint | ack-grep --passthru error
js-validation: ack-install jshint-install
@echo Validating JavaScript files
find $(src) -type f -name *.js $(js_ignores) -exec jshint {} ';' | ack-grep --passthru error
quality-assurance: python-validation css-validation js-validation
@echo Quality assurance
./ $(minimum_coverage)
mkdir -p buildout-cache/downloads
python -c travis.cfg
bin/buildout -c travis.cfg $(options)