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Introduction provides a helper buildout to enable you to deploy XMPP-enabled add-ons for Plone.

Currently it includes three XMPP add-ons.

"features"). * collective.xmpp.collaborate which provides collaborative editing, and * which provides instant messaging.

More XMPP add-ons will be adoded as they are being developed for Plone.

XMPP server and reverse proxy

This buildout will also install the 'ejabberd XMPP server and `Nxinx`_ to serve as a reverse proxy for ejabberd's connection manager (the connection manager provides a bridge between the XMPP server and the browser which speaks HTTP).

For ejabberd you'll need to have erlang installed.

Creating the XMPP admin user requires an admin XMPP user to be able to register new XMPP users whenever new Plone users are created.

In your buildout folder, after running the buildout, you need to do the following:

./bin/ejabberdctl register admin localhost your_password

Test that you can access your ejabberd by logging to the admin interface (typically http://localhost:5280/admin). You should also be able to access the http-bind interface (of the connection manager) at http://localhost:5280/http-bind.

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