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Installing and configuring ejabberd:

In order to user you'll need a working XMPP server that supports the following extensions:

MySQL support for ejabberd

MySQL support for ejabberd is provided via an addon module.

Quick instructions:

  1. svn checkout mysql
  2. ./
  3. Copy the beam files
  4. Start ejabberd again

Installing mod_archive for server side message storing

To enable server side archiving of chat messages (required for later retrievel, such as on a page reload), we need to install the mod_archive (implementing XEP-0136) add-on module for ejabberd.

  1. Additional modules for ejabberd are stored in the ejabberd-modules svn repository.

    svn co

    Note: If you are using a source checkout of, you can use mr.developer to check it out for you:

    ./bin/develop checkout ejabberd-modules
  2. Now navigate to the directory of the mod_archive module. If you used mr.developer, it will be in the src directory inside your buildout directory:

    cd ./src/ejabberd-modules/mod_archive/trunk/
  3. Now compile the module:

    • On GNU/Linux, *BSD, etc.::


    • On Windows:::


    • If you use an ejabberd binary installer, place the module source file in bin/ and run:::

      erlc -I includes/ejabberd/include mod_archive.erl

  4. Now copy the generated .beam files from the ebin directory to where youre ejabberd .beam files are. For example, if you are using the supplied buildout.cfg file::

    cp ./src/ejabberd-modules/mod_archive/trunk/ebin/mod_archive_odbc.beam ./parts/ejabberd/lib/ejabberd/ebin/
    cp ./src/ejabberd-modules/mod_archive/trunk/ebin/mod_archive_webview.beam ./parts/ejabberd/lib/ejabberd/ebin/
  5. Edit ejabberd.cfg and add the HTTP and module definitions {["archive"], mod_archive_webview} to the list of request handlers:

    listen, [
        {5280, ejabberd_http, [
                request_handlers, [{["archive"], mod_archive_webview}]
  6. Now start ejabberd. If there's a problem, probably ejabberd log files will report an error message.

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