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Various z3c.form date and datetime widgets
Improved datetime widgets for z3c.form
When the emphasis of the application you are designing is on speed and
speed alone, then the single field pattern might be your friend. It's
particularly useful for data entry applications in which the person
who has to enter the data will have to use the same input form time
and time again.
.. _Date Input Diversity:
The ``collective.z3cform.datetimewidget`` library provides a form framework
and widgets. This document ensures that we implement a widget for Date and
Datetime field defined in ``zope.schema``. Take a look at the different widget
doctest files for more information about the widgets.
* create DateDeltaWidget and DatetimeDeltaWidget
* Vincent Fretin - vincentfretin
* David Glick - davisagli
* Rok Garbas - garbas
* Carsten Senger - csenger
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