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Nested selection trees with z3c.form and data grid field for Plone
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``collective.z3cform.dgftreeselect`is a nested choice tree widget with z3c.form and data grid widget for Plone CMS.

  • Multiple decision tree answers, one per table line
  • The choice input data is a tree structure created with nested dictionaries and lists
  • Data is loaded to the widget via AJAX / JSON, so that even very big decision trees don't add extra payload on your form page

Use cases

  • Decision tree input
  • Product feature matrix input
  • Other complex tabular data involving dropdowns and free form text input


  • Decision tree data is exported to the widget as a JSON. It's a nested structure of dictionaries and lists. First you need to generate your JSON data from a spreadheet.

  • Setting up the widget requires

    • Creation of a row input form as zope.interface.Schema or plone.directives.form.Schema based form
    • This form should have two or more DGFTreeSelectWidget set for zope.schema.TextLine fields
    • Setting up a main form with a data grid field where DGF uses the created row schema as row schema
    • For the row schema you need to set up a tree widget data source URL callback
  • For further details see the demo testform. This form will be available in /@@dgftreeselect-test view after installing this add-on.

Missing features

Currently this widget offers only edit interface and no view interface. Adding one should be a matter of writing some TAL page template and JS code.

Further tuning

JSON loads are marked with an unique id. You can cache these JSON files forever in the browser or in the front end proxy with rules.


Mikko Ohtamaa

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