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1.0 (unreleased)
- Fix commenter image width being broken with IE10 and below.
- Add font-awesome as per the original Bootswatch themes. This fixes
icon display issues for active navigation classes.
- Refactor CSS into separate file to remove duplication across themes.
- Add some basic theming for AJAX-included HTML for Plone.
- Adjust all themes to only apply theming rules when ``visual-portal-wrapper``
is present. Previously, xi:includes were causing other non-content
Plone resources to be themed (such as TinyMCE HTML pages, which broke
the visual editor).
- Modify all CSS and JS resources to use Plone's ``base`` variable, supplied
by Without this, relative URLs result in the same resources
being loaded on different URLs for every page request.
- Modify all theme CSS to use relative paths to Plone's shared
Bootstrap theme resources. See README for more information.
- Add upgrade script to pull latest versions from Bootswatch.
- Fix typo in name of Amelia theme.
- Ensure CSS included in themes via Diazo rules is not escaped.
This previously rendered ">" characters as their HTML entity in CSS.
1.0dev (unreleased)
- Initial release