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To apply any of these themes, in site setup:
- Install "Diazo theme support" under Add-on
- Select "Sunburst Theme" as Default themes under Themes
To apply the ..., in site setup:
- Enable "... (...)" under Diazo themes
To upgrade the contained themes to the latest version, use the
```` script in this directory::
./ 2.3.2
where the first argument is the version to upgrade to. This script
will download the relevant archive, unpack it, and replace the stored
CSS files.
After this, add a change note, and use git to commit and push the updates.
Please note the upgrade script will not create any new themes that
might have been added on Bootswatch. Similarly, any themes that may happen
to have been removed will not be updated.
* Because of the way that Bootswatch themes operate with icons (relative
URLs, expecting icons to live next to the CSS), the relative
paths have been modified accordingly. By default, they look like this::
which refers to "the ``img`` folder next to my parent folder".
For a resource like ``++theme++spacelab/css/bootstrap.min.css`` this ends
up attempting to resolve to
``++theme++spacelab/img/glyphicons-halflings.png``. In Plone,
because the Bootstrap ``img`` folder is kept separate under a different
theme resource path, this relative URL fails.
At present, a solution has been to adjust these relative URLs inside
each theme to look like::
This works for the test cases (standard install; virtual hosted; both
development and production modes), but is somewhat brittle in the fact the
same directory structure must be maintained for this theme, and for the
Bootstrap resources.
The ```` script performs this adjustment accordingly.
A more bullet-proof solution is welcomed, if possible. Note that using
an absolute path (being a ``/`` at the start of the path) is not workable
since Plone sites can be virtual hosted on different paths.