Collection of Diazo themes to serve as an easy startup for theme customization
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This package contains six diazo themes that are good to use as startups for 
new themes.

Four of the themes are to be used with Sunburst Theme as Theme base. The three
default options you get with Initializr (
- initializr_h5bp (bare bones theme that just gives you normalisation and 
  default text styling)
- initializr_responsive, the responsive option (except with plonified colors)
- initializr_bootstrap, HTML5 boilerplate bootstap option. It's got the hero 
  unit on home and is making use of a lot of trickery that has been expanded in
  The h5bp theme css and html has not been altered from the download, so with 
  new versions it should be a matter of dropping in new files.

There is the responsive theme, which only adds responsiveness to the 
"Sunburst Theme" theme base. It should be able to be used as an easy 
responsification option to old style themes based on Sunburst. (Some style 
altering will probably be necessary)

The last two themes Classic and Sunburst are the sunburst and classic themes 
applied to the "(unstyled)" theme base. These would be practical to use as
a basis for fully functional themes (edit incuded), because they are near 
identical and they therefore all the default javascript works.