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0.5 (unreleased)

  • Add no_delete config option. We might not want to automatically delete repos, teams ans members. [thet]
  • Early return in pretend mode and fix error with empty result set. [thet]
  • Bypass Github Hooks fetching, which was always failing. There seems to be an API or docs error. [thet]

0.4 (2012-11-28)

  • Restore ability to fork repositories to organisations after unexpected API change. [davidjb]
  • Ensure fork data payload (org name) is sent as JSON. [davidjb]
  • Allow forks to be correctly named once created. GitHub's API forks using the same name originally, so we need to rename once forked. [davidjb]
  • Add rename helper functionality to sync module. (Note that configuration does not yet support renaming) [davidjb]
  • Read the Docs-ified documentation. [davidjb]

0.3.2 (2012-07-17)

  • Fix issue with templating of hook variables. Previously, the original config was being altered, preventing further templating. [davidjb]
  • Fix issue with hooks being updated from cache by storing the existing integer ID. [davidjb]
  • Fix issue with cache not being updated on repo change. [davidjb]

0.3.1 (2012-07-17)

  • Only send API options to GitHub to reduce overhead. [davidjb]
  • Display output of changes to configuration when running in verbose mode. This helps track down oddities with GitHub value storage to reduce overhead. [davidjb]

0.3 (2012-07-17)

  • Implement Buildout-style variable substitution for configuration with doctesting. [davidjb]
  • Output resolved configuration when running in verbose mode. [davidjb]
  • Implement deletion of repos from configuration now GitHub API v3 supports this. Warning: if a repo exists on GitHub but not in your configuration, it will now be deleted. Run the command in pretend mode first if unsure. [davidjb]
  • Optimise deletion process to not clear cache when attempting to delete. [davidjb]
  • Add extras_require option for testing to use nose. [davidjb]
  • Updating to depend on requests==0.13.1. [davidjb]

0.2 (2012-06-22)

  • Allow service hooks to be specified within the configuration. For samples, see the example configuration. Any GitHub supported hook can be associated with repos. [davidjb]
  • Allowing repo properties to be set on creation and editing of config. For available options, see This facilities private repo creation (if quota available), amongst other options. [davidjb]
  • Fix response parsing issue when creating teams. [davidjb]
  • Improved end-user documentation. [davidjb]

0.1.4 - 2012-02-19

  • adding support for requests==0.10.2 and removing pdb [f561d79, garbas]

0.1.3 - 2011-07-09

  • fix caching file bug, cache now working [garbas]

0.1.2 - 2011-07-03

  • remane team to old_team to keep convention in method, using add instead of update on sets [e48de49, garbas]
  • pretend should work for all except get reuqest type [e098f9d, garbas]
  • nicer dump of json in cache file, unindent section which searches for repos defined in teams [b8cb123, garbas]
  • we should write to cache file when there is no cache file avaliable [fd7f9ee, garbas]

0.1.1 - 2011-07-02

  • and we have first bugfix relese, after refractoring and merging enable-cache branch. [a09d174, garbas]

0.1 - 2011-07-02

  • initial release [garbas]