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The ** package provides a framework for handling video content on
the Zope 2 and Zope 3 platforms.  It was inspired by the Plone ATVideo
product and even borrows some UI.

Project Description
** allows you to:

* convert a file object to a video
* extract the video metadata
* render an appropriate view (depending on the file format)

** depends on the following packages:

* p4a.subtyper
* p4a.common
* p4a.z2utils
* p4a.fileimage
* hachoir_core
* hachoir_metadata
* hachoir_parser

If you use buildout, you can have it manage these dependencies by:

* adding these lines to your buildout.cfg file


    eggs = 
    zcml = 

* re-run your buildout
* Install the add-ons from the Add-on Products page in the
  Plone Control Panel


Video Files
* Support for:

  * Quicktime (MOV, MP4)
  * Windows Media (WMV, AVI, WMA, ASF)
  * RealMedia (RAM)
  * Flash (FLV, SWF)

* Upload a thumbnail image to represent the video
* When clicked, the video will start to play video
* edit form exposes metadata:

  * file type
  * author
  * height / width
  * duration
Video containers
* Turn any folder into a video container
* Turn any smart folder (collection) into a video container
* Provides a video listing view with all videos in the folder, including:

  * thumbnail
  * title
  * description
  * metadata

* Video listing also shows:

  * tags
  * ratings
  * comments about each video

Video feeds
* Publish RSS feed of all the videos in a video container
* Feed entries can contain a link to the video view page, or a link to the
  actual video file (enclosure)
* Users can subscribe to a vodcast and have the videos downloaded to a
  desktop video player such as iTunes or Miro for offline viewing

Video feedback / commentary
* Requires:

  * lovely.tag
  * p4a.plonetagging

* Users can rate videos (1 to 5 stars)

  * Plone keeps track of user ratings vs. editor ratings

* Users can tag videos

  * Plone keeps track of your tags and everyone's tags

* Users can comment on videos. Other users can reply to those comments in a
  threaded discussion