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Why do I need this?

Automatic cropping is already possible, does already handle this via the direction parameter:

<img tal:define="scales context/@@images"
     tal:replace="structure python: scales.tag('image',
                  width=1200, height=800, direction='down')"

However it only crops from the top/center of the image, so in some ocasions this is not what you want. allows you to select the cropping area manually for each available image scale using the JCrop editor

How it works

There is a view @@croppingeditor available for every content type implementing IImageCroppingMarker via an object action. There are specific markers for Archetypes and Dexterity based types:


The interfaces are implemented by default for Products.ATContentTypes (Plone 4.x) ATImage and ATNewsItem and Dexterity based (Plone 5 or Plone 4.x as addon) Image.

There is also a behavior called Enable Image Cropping which can be applied on custom content types containing at least one image.

The editor view shows at maximum three columns:

  • Image fields column (only visible when more than one image field is available)
  • Image scales column (only visible when more than one scale is available)
  • Cropping editor column

The aspect ratio for the cropping area in JCrop editor is automatically set to the image scale selected by the user.

The image stored for this scale gets replaced with the cropped and scaled version. This way you can access them as you're used to. For example:

<img tal:replace="structure context/@@images/image/mini" />

This also enables support for richtext editors such as TinyMCE to insert cropped scales into a textfield.

In TinyMCE it will be possible to access the cropping editor directly out of the image plugin right below the scale selection

Automatic cropping behavior

You can use direction='down' for autocropped scales as usual. This package overrides the direction and delivers the cropped scale if it is available.

Load editor as overlay

The editor can also be loaded as an overlay anywhere. Just place a link to the @@croppingeditor url of an image (<image_base_url>/@@croppingeditor) and add some javascript. For example:

(function($) {
    $(function() {

        $(document).bind("formOverlayLoadSuccess", function() {
            imagecropping = new ImageCropping();


A Configlet is registered in Plone Site Setup. There you can adjust the maximum size of the jCrop Editor Image (large_size) and the minimum selectable size of the cropped area (min_size).

You can also set those values in the profile of your (policy)product using mechanism (file registry.xml):

  <records interface="">
      <value key="large_size">500:500</value>
      <value key="min_size">10:10</value>

Further Information


There has been a need for cropping for a long time and there are lots of addons around that have different ways to achieve this.

There is plip #10174 asking for adding image cropping to plone core which recently got rejected by the FWT. The cropping functionality should go into an addon first that also work for dexterity and can be pliped into core.

This package aims to be THE cropping solution for plone that 'just works TM'.

Design decisions

  • make this package as minimally invasive as possible
    • therefore we store the cropped image immediately, so traverser doesn't need to care about cropping
    • users can access cropped images the same way as the access scales (so it works in richtext editors too)
  • support archetypes and dexterity content
  • a cropped image gets stored instead of the scaled image. if you want back the uncropped image scale you'll need to remove the cropped version in the editor

Information about changes from version 0.1 to 1.0

The marker interface for archetypes changed from to

The marker interface for dexterity based types changed from to

The generic base interface is now Do not use it directly on your, but use the marker to bind view or other adapters to image-cropping enabled types.

Possible extensions / changes for the future

  • allow to mark scales as auto-croppable in the controlpanel. this enables cropped scales w/o manually defining the cropping area but would require some changes in (extend traverser, change controlpanel)
  • see also the issue tracker
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