Image crops lost when editing image title #21

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crops get invalidated when the image title/description or other metadata is changed.

this should only happen if the image file itself gets changed.

to reproduce:

  • upload image
  • define a crop for a scale (eg large) using @@croppingeditor
  • include the image in a page template using plone.scale
<img tal:define="scales image_object/@@images;
                         img python:scales.scale('image', scale='large')"
         tal:attributes="src img/url" />
  • template shows the right crop
  • edit the image and change description and/or title
  • view the template again and the image will be scaled instead of cropped

it's important to mention that this only happens for scales.scale and not for the traverser:

test1.jpg/@@images/8689307d-f3e7-42c5-9134-f77f6e704cfe.jpeg will show the scaled image

test1.jpg/image_frontpage will still show the cropped image

did not yet investigate if this bug belongs to imagecropping or plone.scale or

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until we don't want to change plone core modules, the only solution is to make a method which restores/resaves the scale on ObjectModifiedEvent

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@jpgimenez this is going to bite us when we deprecate our image tile in favor of the standard tile (collective/collective.cover#81)

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crops are also lost when image is copied.
i've done some experimental monkey-patching of plone.scales to avoid that, but needs cleanup and more testing. Feedback is welcome.

        description="Patch plone.scales to create cropped images"

Several ugly things are happening down below. I'd love to see an adapter for plone.scales which queries for a factory how to create crops. What do you think about that?

from import PAI_STORAGE_KEY
from import IImageCroppingUtils
from zope.annotation.interfaces import IAnnotations
from zope.component import getMultiAdapter

def patched_scale(self, factory=None, **parameters):
    """This is a really dirty hack to re-create blob files if a 
       cropping information was stored in object annotation.
    info = self._old_scale(factory, **parameters)

    # XXX: That's very nasty
    if not factory.func_name == 'crop_factory' \
       and (parameters.get('width') != info.get('width') or
            parameters.get('height') != info.get('height')):

        cropped = IAnnotations(self.context).get(PAI_STORAGE_KEY)
        if not cropped:
            return info

        utils = IImageCroppingUtils(self.context)

        cropping_view = getMultiAdapter(
            (self.context, self.context.REQUEST), name='crop-image')

        for fieldname in utils.image_field_names():
            for image_name, box in cropped.items():
                scale = image_name.split('_').pop()
                cropping_view._crop(fieldname, scale, box)

    return info
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any news on this issue?

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just stumbled over a discussion on plone.scale (plone/plone.scale#3) which is related to this

@tomgross tomgross added the bug label Feb 21, 2014
@frisi frisi closed this in #38 May 30, 2014
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@tomgross and i fixed this ticket in #38

for dexterity, this currently means to implement another interface.
(see FHNW@e2b510d)

@joka as dexterity pro: are you ok with that? personally i'd love to see that we can find a way to make dexterity content that implement IImageCropping also implement IImageCroppingScale.

if we can't find a way to make that happen, we should think about moving this interface out of the browser package to and add some documentation to the readme

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@saily reading through the comments here i see you mentioned copying an image too. i did not test that yet. would be great to get your feedback if this fixes your issues too.

@frisi frisi reopened this May 30, 2014
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Let's write a test to check that, should be easy to implement. i'll try to find some time for that... anyway, thanks for fixing

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Hi @frisi, unfortunately this does not fix the copying issue. I've opened a pull #40 which could be a nice base to fix that. i'm closing this right now, because the main problem seems to be fixed in #38

@saily saily closed this Jun 12, 2014
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