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Update Jcrop to v0.9.12 #34

hvelarde opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Release 0.9.12 has been available for over a year; we need to update the package:

We should thing also on taking the JS and CSS registration out of this package to make it easier to maintain.


thanks for updating jcrop.

i could not find any changelog on the jrop website or github page to see whether an update is important (eg bugix / extended browser support) or simply a new feature (that we won't use if we don't adapt the integration too)

i don't understand why it will be easier to maintain p.a.imagecropping if we move jcrop registration to another package (i.e. collective.js.jcrop)?
for integrators at least, it will be harder since they need to take care that the version of p.a.imagecropping works with collective.js.jcrop)


seems to be a bugfix; and yes, you're probably right about taking the code out of the package.

I want to update it to use the new minimized version of the CSS also; just give me some time until we finish testing it.


so this seems to be tested for me now. closing this.

@saily saily closed this

ok, i thought this was merged already. I opened a new pull, see #42.

@saily saily reopened this
@hvelarde hvelarde closed this issue from a commit
@hvelarde hvelarde Update Jcrop to version 0.9.12 (closes #34)
Still needs an upgrade step.
@hvelarde hvelarde closed this in 8ab2df7
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