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If an image scale has already been inserted in one or more content items via a visual editor (eg TinyMCE) the visual layout of this content item changes when users define a cropping region for this scale (see discussion in #2)

we could notify users via a statusmessage after they created a cropped scale in the cropping view.
the message could list all content items currently displaying the image in one of their richtext-fields.

we might only do this only in case "link integrity check" is enabled - although it's a different concept. not 100% sure if we have this information if it's not enabled anyway.

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fyi, the link-references are always created, no matter if link integrity checks are enabled or not (otherwise re-enabling would require a massive search & index operation for them to be complete). iow, you should be able to rely on that information — well, as long as p.a.linkintegrity is installed…

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since we have now default cropping (centered aka direction down) this is no longer valid.

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