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plonetheme.bootstrap integrates Twitter Bootstrap CSS/JS framework into Plone. You can checkout the framework at

It overrides some templates and uses javascript to transform some markup in order for it to work correctly.

It's not perfect, but it's close.


Latest Twitter Bootstrap requires jQuery 1.11, you can install it in Plone pinning in your buildout to version 1.11.2. You will also need to pin to version 1.7.0 to guarantee compatibility. Twitter Boostrap itself is provided as browser resources by the addon collective.js.bootstrap so you need to pin it aswell.:

... = 1.11.2 = 1.7.0
collective.js.bootstrap = 3.3.5


This product is based in Twitter Bootstrap version 3. The product will reuse collective.js.bootstrap to get those CSS and JS files.

The basic HTML markup is a mix of plonetheme.sunburst and Twitter Bootstrap and it uses the same approach of constructing the columns as Sunburst Theme: a simple view that returns the classes needed to have the correct column widths.

If you want to change those widths, just override the view following the common Plone overriding patterns.

This product is intended to be used in two scenarios:

  • As a theme from Plone
  • As a base theme to build Plone themes for your site following 'old practices'

Some designers prefer to work following the old best-practices instead of using the Diazo-way-of-theming, this product is for them. You can create a theme package (check templer skeleton generator), and base your theme on this one.

If you have any problem using this product or find any bug, please report it using the GitHub issue tracker.


To upgrade from version 1.0a1, just go to the add-on controlpanel and click on upgrade. Old skin paths and javascripts will be disabled and new ones imported


  • Nathan van Gheem, initial author
  • Mikel Larreategi, update to Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.x, current mantainer