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This egg contains some paste templates to help to build a Plone architecture
with as little knowledge as possible about Python and Plone. The first target is
Debian Lenny up-to-date with the lenny-backports repository enabled. In a
second time Debian Squeeze and Ubuntu LTS should be added. No ReadHat, Suse,
Mandriva, or any RPM-based linux is on the roadmap.
The docs directory contains all necessary steps about server configuration
before installing this egg. These documents can be distributed separately under
the specified license in each of them.
These templates was initiated by the UNIS Team of the ENS de Lyon
<> and by Quadra Informatique <>.
The CECILL-B license is a BSD like license. The english and the french version
are available in this directory. If you want to make patch or to send us a
success story you can use the mail addresses above.