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Does not support HABTM relationships #72

ayb opened this Issue · 8 comments

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I am really loving this gem and in the process of doing a full integration into a Rails 2.x app.

Unfortunately acts_as_audited does not have any way to track changes in many to many relationships, specifically has-and-belongs-to-many (HABTM).

In these cases the only data representing the relationship is in a join table with no actual model. The only way I can think of to implement acts_as_audited would be to change HABTM to has_many :through, so there is an actual model to track. However even this is not ideal.

If I am missing something please let me know. I'm really loving the implementation but not sure how to proceed withthis.


Anyone could please give a feedback on this? Thanks!


We are having a similar issue with has_many through - adding or deleting IDs using the magical _ids attribute does not trigger audit entries, not sure why that bypasses acts_as_audited's hooks, still investigating - finding others having the same issues but no acts_as_audited idioms to resolve the issue yet.

cj commented

any update on this?


bump we are having the same issues


To clarify, we have a has_many through relationship


@netoisstools did you all ever resolve your issue?


@ayb Did you have any success in resolving this?

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