Rails plugin that provides Rake and Capistrano tasks for making database backups
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= Awesome Backups

This Rails plugin provides Rake and Capistrano tasks for making database backups.

== Rake

You can create new backups, specifying which tables to skip. This will create a
+backups+ directory in your app root, and will create a directory with the
current timestamp that has a copy of the current schema and fixtures with data
for each of your current tables.

  $ rake db:backup:create SKIP_TABLES=sessions,audits

You can restore your database to either the latest version, or a specific version.

  $ rake db:backup:restore VERSION=20080908120356

== Capistrano

With Capistrano, you can create and download backups from your server using

  $ cap backup:create
  $ cap backup:download

Or, if you want to create a new backup of the server and mirror it to the local

  $ cap backup:mirror

You can automagically create backups any time `cap deploy:migrations` is run.
Just add a callback in config/deploy.rb:

  before 'deploy:migrate', 'backup:create'

== ToDo

* Database-specific backup strategies: it would be nice to have the option of
  using different stragegies for different databases.  For example, use
  `mysqldump` for MySQL databases, or simply copy the database file for SQLite.