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# an example Monit configuration file for delayed_job
# See:
# To use:
# 1. copy to /var/www/apps/{app_name}/shared/delayed_job.monitrc
# 2. replace {app_name} as appropriate
# 3. add this to your /etc/monit/monitrc
# include /var/www/apps/{app_name}/shared/delayed_job.monitrc
check process delayed_job
with pidfile /var/www/apps/{app_name}/shared/pids/
start program = "/usr/bin/env RAILS_ENV=production /var/www/apps/{app_name}/current/script/delayed_job start"
stop program = "/usr/bin/env RAILS_ENV=production /var/www/apps/{app_name}/current/script/delayed_job stop"
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