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Add ability to run worker which fetches only jobs without a queue specified #425

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I have thinking sphinx processes created jobs without a queue. I'm also created delayed jobs with queue set to "Import". I'd like to have a worker handle only the sphinx jobs (the ones without a queue). Then I'd like another worker to handle only the jobs for the "Import" queue.

The problem is that I can't have a worker which only fetches jobs which are not in a queue.

I'm open to suggestions if I'm missing something or there is another way. Otherwise I'll try to find some time to submit add this feature and submit a pull request.


Why not just create a queue name? Call it 'default' or something?


Note that you can now accomplish something similar by setting a non-nil default queue name. For instance, if you set Delayed::Worker.default_queue_name = :default in an initializer, all your jobs without queue specified will go to 'default' queue.

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The above suggestion from matthull should be considered the approved answer. Consider this a documentation bug.

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