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Loading handler from YAML without safe => false fails! #482

davidakachaos opened this Issue Feb 22, 2013 · 4 comments

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#Called 'load' without the :safe option -- defaulting to safe mode.
#"last_error" = 'undefined method `perform'' for {"object"=>"Time", "method_name"=>":now", "args"=>[]}:Hash

When I looked at the code:
lib/delayed/backend/base.rb:85:in `block in invoke_job''

Then I noticed this line:

@payload_object ||= YAML.load(self.handler)

This cause the error....

When I changed it by hand, it works again!

dj = Delayed::Job.last
obj = YAML.load(dj.handler) #returns a hash:
#=> {"object"=>"Time", "method_name"=>":now", "args"=>[]}
obj.perform #fails!!
obj = YAML.load(dj.handler, :safe => false)
obj.perform #works!

I suspect this is a fix in the yaml gem for security reasons...


Forgot to mention, this happens with ruby-1.9.3-p385

skelz0r commented Mar 25, 2013

Do you have SafeYAML in your Gemfile.lock ?


Yes, it a dependency of tolk.

sferik commented May 31, 2013

Closed by #483.

@sferik sferik closed this May 31, 2013
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