Difference between `bin/delayed_job` and `rake jobs:work`? #659

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dideler commented May 12, 2014

The README says both "will start working off jobs".

The README seems to present delayed_job script as the preferred method since it's introduced first.

The Heroku DJ guide uses rake jobs:work.

Ryan Bates has a RailsCast where he says to use the delayed_job script instead of rake jobs:work in production.

So far we've been starting Delayed Job by running rake jobs:work but in production we should use the delayed_job script provided in the script folder.

Any tips for when to use which?

rdetert commented May 19, 2014

bin/delayed_job starts a daemon to listen for incoming requests while rake jobs:work starts processing in the foreground and is good for debugging. In production use bin/delayed_job

dideler commented May 19, 2014

Thansk @rdetert!

dideler closed this May 19, 2014

wired00 commented Apr 29, 2016

what about when running via supervisord which requires foreground processes?


albus522 commented Apr 29, 2016

rake jobs:work is no less production worthy than bin/delayed_job. Use what works for your use case.

javanux commented Jan 8, 2017

I want to run delayed_job as a foreground process since I as using runsv to supervise the workers. But the --pid-dir option doesn't work while running it in foreground i.e pid-file is not created in approot/shared//tmp/pids which is preventing me to send kill signal to that process while deploying.

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