Capistrano and DJ "Could not locate Gemfile" #678

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I'm following the documentation as granular as possible but I am coming across an error of "Could not locate Gemfile" when running the rake tasks to restart the delayed job daemon. I have the following code.

The two areas I think may be contributing to the problem are:

  • The shebang in the daemon file contradicting the RVM version of ruby. I have removed this shebang line though and still get the same error.
  • The require path to the rails environment in the daemon file may not be finding its way to the rails environment in the release path? (Stab in the dark)

I'm assuming I must have missed something so have included as much information as possible in the gists including all the related files and the capistrano output. Any help on rectifying this would be very much appreciated.


albus522 commented Sep 18, 2014

within does not appear to be working or it is telling you the truth and there is no gemfile in the release directory.

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