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Worker crashes when having followers (read-only) postgres slaves after merging: 5de3205f13c55b7911fbbfc528ec499204cbf161 #34

jacob-s-son opened this Issue Feb 21, 2013 · 2 comments

3 participants


The change introduced new query:

self.find_by_sql(["UPDATE #{quotedTableName} SET locked_at = ?, locked_by = ? WHERE id IN (#{nextScope.to_sql}) RETURNING *",now,])

it seems that find_by_sql is interpreted as "SELECT" query by ActiverRecord/Octopus gem and it tries to execute query on read-only Postgre follower. I guess the issue could be spotted on different envs with DB replicas, but originally I spotted this on Heroku.

For now I rolled back gem to version 0.3.3. I am not very strong with ActiveRecord/Octopus internals to get this fixed. Maybe this should be considered ActiveRecord or Octopus issue.

sferik commented Apr 2, 2013

Can you please verify whether this is fixed in the latest gem version (0.4.4)?


I am getting this issue on delayed_job 4.0.0, delayed_job_activerecord 4.0.0, and ar-octopus 0.8.1.

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