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Custom attributes not being updated after active_record mass update changes #13

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duksis commented Feb 15, 2012

After latest changes to active record mass update enqueuing jobs in DelayedJob tables with custom fields failed with

   Can't mass-assign protected attributes: .....

or just did not populate custom attributes.

Additional description collectiveidea/delayed_job#355

@duksis duksis commented on the diff Feb 15, 2012
@@ -8,6 +8,12 @@ module ActiveRecord
class Job < ::ActiveRecord::Base
include Delayed::Backend::Base
+ def initialize(*args)
+ # Add additionaly provided attributes to attr_accessible
+ _accessible_attributes[:default] += args[0].keys if args.size > 0 && args[0].size > 2
duksis added a note Feb 15, 2012

It could be better to take the additional values from Class DelayedJob.attr_accessible, but I don't have any ideas how to do that.

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tadast commented May 15, 2013

This would be massively helpful.
Any chance this could be merged in? If so, can I help anyhow?

sferik commented May 18, 2013

It would be helpful to rebase from master so it can be merged automatically.

tadast commented May 22, 2013

Ok, I looked at it again. For me it seems like a backwards way of doing things. Could we, instead of listing attr_accessible, list attr_protected?
This way the library could protect the attributes that should not be mass-assignet, yet allowing users to add custom columns and mass-assign them.

I see it was committed by @bryckbost 5d09042.

Is there any downsides in using attr_protected I don't see here? If you agree with my thinking, I can make a pull request.

@albus522 albus522 closed this Sep 25, 2014
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