Capistrano recipes for Pivotal Tracker. Can mark stories delivered on deploy.
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Deploy and Deliver

Capistrano recipes for Pivotal Tracker.

To use this task, simply set the following variables:

  set :pivotal_tracker_project_id, PROJECT_ID
  set :pivotal_tracker_token, TOKEN
  set :pivotal_tracker_ssl, false

Then, inside the task for your demo platform, add

  task :demo do
    after :deploy, 'pivotal_tracker:deliver_stories'


Add to your Gemfile

  gem 'deploy_and_deliver'

  Add the following in your Capistrano config to load the recipes:

    require 'deploy_and_deliver/recipes'


Pluginized and Gemified by Collective Idea ( based on code from Mike Dalessio, Pivotal Labs (

Later updated to use the pivotal-tracker gem.