Added have_json_type_boolean matcher and relative cucumber step. #10

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mcollina commented Sep 1, 2011

See #7.

Any chance of getting this pulled in? I'd love to get some sort of boolean testing.


I'm alive. While I'm generally not fond of exceptions to the rule, a boolean matcher does seem useful. However, I'm not wild about this implementation. Rather than creating a whole new matcher, I'd like to extend the type matcher to allow for a :boolean or "boolean" argument. I think that could also clean up the change to the Cucumber step.

@mcollina Are you interested in taking a stab at this or shall I? Thanks for your contribution and sorry for my slowness!


I just released version 1.0.0 with boolean matcher support. Instead of creating a new matcher, I made the existing type matcher more flexible in the arguments it accepts, including :boolean. Thanks for the suggestion!

@laserlemon laserlemon closed this Feb 25, 2012


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