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= MephistoGoogleSiteMap

The Mephisto SiteMap Plugin creates an XML sitemap as specified by the SiteMap protocol ( out of your mephisto installations article data.

== Configuration

1. Point your web browser to your Mephisto installations plugin administration interface for this plugin (e.g.
2. Set the "Site uri" option to your web site's root url (e.g.
3. That's it, there is no step 3.

Other optional attributes you can change in MephistoGoogleSiteMap to affect how you inform google to index your site are:

  Home frequency    # the frequency of indexing your home page (plugin default is daily)
  Blog frequency    # the frequency of indexing a blog based page (plugin default is daily)
  Page frequency    # the frequency of indexing a page page (plugin default is weekly)
  Home priority     # priority of your sites index page to google's bot (plugin default is 0.9)
  Article priority  # priority of all other pages to google's bot (plugin default is 0.5)

To learn more about the values and properties these attributes represent, see:

== Inform the Search Engines

finally, for any of this to be useful, you'll want to ensure the various search engines are notified of the presence of your sitemap (which will be at  You can learn more about notifying search engines of your sitemaps location here:


The terms of the BSD License have been utilized (see LICENSE)


Please report all bugs and/or submit patches to: jeet at railshacks dot com