Statsite Sink for Instrumental
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This project is a sink for statsite and Instrumental written in Go.

Statsite Config

stream_cmd = statsite-instrumental this_is_your_token
flush_interval = 60

It is important to set the flush_interval to 60s as that is the highest resolution supported by Instrumental. If the default of 10 seconds is kept then only the last value flushed will be stored. This can cause misleading metrics as it will not reflect the correct percentiles, uppers, lowers, etc...


statsite-instrumental requires the API token for your project be passed as the first argument. The API token can be found on the Settings page for your project.


A string that is added at the beginning of tags sent to Instrumental. The prefix is added as given and it's good practice to add a . at the end.

Example: --prefix 'production.'


A string that is added at the end of each tag sent to Instrumental. It's good practice to start the postfix with a ..

Example: --prefix `hostname`


The timeout for talking to Instrumental. Support a couple different formats.


  • 1m
  • 30s
  • 1h20m5s


The Instrumental collector agent hostname. You probably won't want to actually change this.


The Instrumental collector agent port to connect on. Again, unlikely to have to change this.