A repository of contributions related to Cory Doctorow's book MAKERS, relased under Creative Commons.
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This is a repository of Creative Commons licensed works related to Cory Doctorow's book Makers.

The book is published for free (as in libery and beer) under a BY-NC-SA license. The cover artwork is not availabe for reproduction. Also Cory only posts one version of each fan-submitted target. We want to enable infinitely-variable remixing and republishing, including alternate artwork.

Here is the plan:

  • Fork the repo.
  • Add your artwork, output format, or remix.
  • Push to your cloned repo and send a pull request.
  • Liberally edit the wiki.

Lets have a structure like this:


So, when you make a copy of the repo, first make a /users/MY_NAME/README that gives details about your rework (license, how it was done, links to your blog announcemnt of the project, why you love Cory, etc). Then add your files (like /covers/letter/front.png).

You should stick to the BY-NC-SA license if you are using the main text, but if you are providing a graphic or other asset not derived from the text, you may be able to deviate a bit so long as it can be republished and mixed in to other works.

A note on disk space. Our plan (free) only includes 300 MB of disk. Please be kind, link to your original image files and only include the final product in the git repository.

If you contribute, or otherwise think this is a worthwhile project, please nominate it to be a Github featured project.

If any of the above seems too compliacted, just send your files to curator@collexion.net with MAKERS-REMIX in the subject.

I hope it goes without saying that you should support Cory, his publisher (sci-fi legends Tor), and your local booksellers. Visit IndieBound to get a tactile copy for an independent seller close to you.