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CNC - Collexion
# CNC When: Many Saturdays noon - 3 PM or Anytime (Check the calendar or the Collexion-CNC list to see if we're meeting any particular Saturday before coming down!) Timeline: TBD. ##Contents *[1 Fundraising](#Fundraising) *[2 Goals](#Goals) *[3 The Machine](#The_Machine) *[4 Discussion](#Discussion) *[5 Tools Used](#Tools_Used) *[6 To Do List](#To_Do_List) *[7 Suppliers](#Suppliers) *[8 Other Designs](#Other_Designs)##Fundraising Donation marathon in progress on the mailing list. Goal: $3000 *Jason: $200 (donated) *Nick: $200 (donated) *Dave: $400 (donated) *Derek: $200 *Aaron: $100 + $25 (donated) *Dustin: $100 (donated) *Edgar: $100 (donated) *Ashley: $150 (donated) *Noah: $200 (donated) *Todd: $350 (donated) *John G: $100 (donated) *Lori: $100 (quarterly) (donated)Nick's matching 10% after this point: *James: $200 + 10% $(220) (donated) *Mike D: $200 + 10% ($220) *Mike A: $100 + 10% ($110) (donated) *John M: $100 + 10% ($110) *Kent: $100 + 10% ($110) *Asian Steev: $200 + 10% ($220) (donated) *John Y: $100 + 10% ($110) (donated) *Steve (APBurner): $50 (donated) *Janine: homemade cookies + 10% (cookie a splosion???)Total pledges so far: $3050 and cookies. (11/18/2011 6:40 PM) Total donations so far: $2675 (11/30/2011 10:46 AM PM) ##Goals *Provide Collexion members and the wider Lexington community with: *the means to create, modify, and share open-source designs for furniture, homewares, and other goods *the means to fabricate these goods *Learn CNC the fun way -- from the ground up! *Showcase the open-source software and hardware that will be used in this project *Encourage the use of locally-produced building materials *Localize the means of production for home goods *Educate the community about the benefits of DIY and open source *Reduce the amount of money that flows to corporations who are ignoring their duties to their customers and society at large *World Peace##The Machine We are building an example of Joe's 4x4 Hybrid CNC Router: *[]( Active discussions happen at periodic in-person meetings at Collexion (check the [Collexion Calendar]( ) and at []( . Everyone is welcome to subscribe to that list. ##Tools Used *Drills (Jason has cordless to borrow) *Circular Saw (Jason has cordless to borrow) *metal cutting saw (Collexion) *table saw (Collexion) *a 5/16" tap (a device that threads the inside of a hole to enable a screw/bolt to fasten) (hempy) *screwdriver(im sure we have plenty) *time on someone else's CNC Router to cut out gantry parts. (Or buy a kit)##To Do List *Analyze Joe's plans (done - Oct? 2011) *Develop shopping list (done) *Source Parts (done) *Get Tools *Get CNC Hardware *Get Router *Purchase materials *Explore software options *Dust collection. (Will serve entire shop (table saw, etc.), not just the router, right?)##Suppliers *[]( -- Steppers, controllers, kits. *[]( -- Steppers, controllers, kits. *[]( -- Eliminate MDF parts with an aluminum casting? *[]( -- Anti-backlash nuts & accessories.##Other Designs Some other plans we considered. All are viable, and our selection of Joe's plans should NOT be taken to diminish any of these fine designs. *Resource used for our build []( *The Book []( *The Plans []( *[](
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