A high-performance coordination service for write-intensive workloads.
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** Accord project **

NOTE: Now, this project is marked as deprecated, because we've observed that write-intensive
workload is much less important than read-intensive workload for coordination service. 
Please use ZooKeeper.

* Overview
- Accord is a coordination service(like ZooKeeper). It features :

1. Accord focuses on write-intensive workloads unlike ZooKeeper. ZooKeeper forwards all write requests to a master server. It can be bottleneck in write-intensive workloads. The below benchmark demonstrates that the write-operation throughput of Accord is much higher than one of ZooKeeper (up to 20 times better throughput at persistent mode, and up to 18 times better throughput at in-memory mode).
2. More flexible transaction support. Not only write, del operations, but also cmp, copy, read operations are supported in transaction operations.
3. In-memory mode and persistent mode support.
4. Message size is unbounded, and partial update is supported.

* Project Page
- Getting started / Performance benchmark is avalable from our project page. Please visit http://www.osrg.net/accord

* Directory structure
- conductor	: Server-side daemon
- libacrd 	: Client-side library
- test		: Test and benchmark programs. Files in this directory are useful as sample programs of Accord.
- include	: Header files
- lib	 	: Utility library

* API Documentation
- Please see include/accord.h or http://www.osrg.net/accord/api.txt
- Programs in ACRD_ROOT/test are very useful to understand how to use accord API.