current home of Jabs(Javascript Abstract Behavior Syntax), Jass(Javascript Abstrect Spec Syntax), The Lucky7 Ruby/Javascript web framework and continuous builder. All that a few other bad ideas. An early refactor will be to split all the parts into gems.
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## Collin Miller claims authorship!  $$$
##### MIT license for all Earthlings *** 
#### ^^^
## Martians and Moonlings pay extra ##

#### Welcome to Lucky7 %%%

Place your bets: Increased odds on outside scrambles.

Try out the specs:
>> rake spec:all

The prettier version:
>> rake spec:doc

What are all the bits?

Some come from the outside world:
  jsspec    -
  orbited   -
  haml/sass - 

We have a little abstraction, Fold, to do preprocessing.
  Haml and Sass inspired Fold. Poorer in features though.

Jabs(javascript abstract behavior syntax)        and
Jass(javascript abstract spec syntax)    follow the Fold.

One might have such a file:
# somespec.html.jass
describe Object
  it has a prototype

Jass generates
describe("Object", {
  "has a prototype": function() {

Jass even wraps it in the needed HTML boilerplate for jsspec.

Open up in a browser:
  /lucky7/vendor/js_spec/example.html <-- Jass generated this one.
  /lucky7/vendor/js_spec/demo.html         <-- This one comes with jsspec

Jabs remains more mysterious. Jabs wants to have a nice little MVC
pattern shared between Client and Server code.

Only write your validations in one place, Only specify your models once.

That sort of thing. And a little bit more. Lucky7 reccomends knowing
Javascript and Ruby fairly well.

Oh wait, before we go on to write more code! Let's have something about...


Luck7 has a continuous builder. It watches your file system for changes and
rebuilds your project as you go. At rebuild time tests can be run. Other things
might happen as well.

Well, there is more about that later. I didn't even explain why Orbited
is right there in the vendor folder. More on that later.