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Get your merb named routes as awesome Javascript functions too.
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Okay, we've got our fancy url generators in Merb: (ruby)

  resource(@blog, :format => :xml)
That's super cool. But then I find myself in the depths of javascript land.

Doing this: (javascript>

    url: '/blogs/''.xml'
AHH, no! Why? Why why why! Must I die a thousand deaths for this crime?

No. Not anymore.

For I have written a naive url writer in javascript.

First we put it in our view: (haml)

      ,#{Merb::Router.resource_routes.inject({}){|hash, rr| hash[rr.first.join(',')] = rr.last; hash}.to_json}
Oh god! How terrible. How nasty. How frail and brittle. Clearly this 
will not stand the test of time. Oh well, tomorrows problem.

For now we can do this: (javascript)

  >> url(:blogs)
  => '/blogs'
  >> resource({'class': 'Blog', 'id': 44}, 'edit', {'format':'xml'})
  => '/blogs/44/edit.xml
Ahah! Fantastic! As long as we include the 'class' name in our serialized
objects we can pass them into the resource method.

--- boring implementation details ---

All this is namespaced behind a Merb object which will not clobber other Merb objects:

  Merb = Merb || {};
However, the two fun methods are aliased to window.

  window.url = Merb.url;
  window.resource = Merb.resource;
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