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Adding or Updating Lists

To submit a new list or update data about an existing list, please submit a pull request to data in conjunction with the data model described here. Alternatively, you can open a new issue providing information for all of the fields described in the data model.

Building and Running Locally

We have containerized FilterLists to make it as easy as possible for contributers to get the project up and running locally.

Up and Running

  1. Install Docker CE for your computer's operating system. Docs
  2. Clone the FilterLists git repository to your computer. Docs
  3. Navigate to the root directory of your locally cloned FilterLists git repository in a command-line interface.
  4. Execute docker-compose up.
  5. Visit the locally running version of FilterLists in a web browser at http://localhost/.

Testing changes to the data (.json files)



docker-compose -f down -v && docker-compose -f build api && docker-compose -f run api


  1. Execute docker container ls to find the CONTAINER ID of the filterlists.api container.
  2. Execute docker-compose up -d --build [CONTAINER ID] replacing [CONTAINER ID] with the hash from step 1.
  3. Verify your changes are properly reflected at http://localhost/.
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