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Ansible playbooks for a multi-purpose personal server.

Managed Node Setup

Use a single DigitalOcean Ubuntu LTS droplet as a host. Include a public SSH key stored with DigitalOcean when creating the droplet. Enable droplet backups.

Control Node Setup

As primarily a .NET developer, I use a Windows development environment.

Windows is not supported for the control node. Ansible Docs

So, to get up and running, I am using WSL.

Enable and Install WSL

Follow the official docs for getting WSL up and running. Use the latest Ubuntu LTS image.

Install Ansible inside WSL

via Ansible Docs

SSH Keys

  • cp /path/to/ ~/.ssh/
  • cp /path/to/id_rsa ~/.ssh/id_rsa
  • chmod 700 ~/.ssh
  • chmod 644 ~/.ssh/
  • chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa

git clone

Clone this cbhost-ansible repo into a directory inside of the WSL instance.


Add the IP of the managed node droplet to /etc/ansible/hosts inside WSL.

Common Ansible Commands for Running/Debugging

  • ansible all -m ping -u root
  • ansible all -m ping
  • ansible-playbook 00-cbhost.yml