A UIActivity subclass for iOS apps to send URLs and bookmark info to Pinbook for Pinboard.
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ALBPinbookActivity is a UIActivity subclass which allows developers to send bookmark information to Pinbook for adding to a users Pinboard account by showing a “Send to Pinbook” option in a UIActivityViewController sharing sheet.

Adding to a Project

Add the following four files to your project:

  • ALBPinbookActivity.h
  • ALBPinbookActivity.m
  • ALBPinbookActivityMask.png
  • ALBPinbookActivityMask@2x.png


Just create a new ALBPinbookActivity object and use it as a application activity when instantiating a UIActivityViewController. Pinbook will appear as an option only if the user has installed it on their device.

Optionally, set the bookmarkParameters property with an NSDictionary to pre-fill Pinbook’s fields with any information you like, as shown in the following example:

ALBPinbookActivity *activity = [[ALBPinbookActivity alloc] init];
activity.bookmarkParameters = @{ALBPinbookTitleParameterKey : @"Apple", ALBPinbookTagsParameterKey : @"companies mac iphone", ALBPinbookDescriptionParameterKey : @"They make nice things.", ALBPinbookPrivateParameterKey : @(YES), ALBPinbookReadLaterParameterKey : @(NO)};

UIActivityViewController *viewController = [[UIActivityViewController alloc] initWithActivityItems:@[[NSURL URLWithString:@"http://apple.com"]] applicationActivities:@[activity]];
[self presentViewController:viewController animated:YES completion:nil];

Parameter Keys

  • ALBPinbookTitleParameterKey: Any string.
  • ALBPinbookTagsParameterKey: A string of tags separated by spaces.
  • ALBPinbookDescriptionParameterKey: Any string.
  • ALBPinbookPrivateParameterKey: BOOL (YES/NO).
  • ALBPinbookReadLaterParameterKey: BOOL (YES/NO).