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Impact++ is a collection of additions to ImpactJS with full featured physics, dynamic lighting, UI, abilities, and more.
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Impact++ (r7)



Expanding the ImpactJS engine by over x10 so you can kick-start your game project into a full featured experience for the web (and mobile!).

Impact++ is stable for ImpactJS v1.20 - v1.23


  • Extended capability of ImpactJS's default classes to improve collisions, animations,...
  • ig.CONFIG data driven configuration to allow you to change parameters without rebuilding or modifying the library
  • ig.GameExtended game with layers, easy pausing, improved debugger,...
  • ig.EntityExtended entities with lots of extra helper functions, opt-in performance, inheritance friendly animations,...
  • ig.pathfinding efficient, garbage collector free pathfinding able to avoid entities and let you draw pathfinding maps in the editor
  • ig.InputPoint input with multi-touch and gestures that works the same for mouse or touch
  • ig.Camera camera for screen control, smooth target transitions, atmospheric overlays,...
  • ig.UIElement a whole list of ui element entities to make text, buttons, overlays,...
  • ig.Ability abilities that are entirely modular, have a built in casting system, upgrades,...
  • ig.EntityLight lighting in real-time with shadows, dynamic alpha and/or color,...
  • ig.Character abstract character class with options for moving, jumping, climbing,...
  • ig.Creature abstract creature class with simple AI to find targets, move to, attack, use abilities, flee...
  • ig.Player abstract player class with built in interaction and input handling,...
  • ig.Tutorial abstract tutorial class to help you show your players how to do things
  • ig.Spawner abstract spawner class with pooling for better performance
  • ig.Particle abstract particle class with fading in and/or out, random velocities,...
  • ig.EntityTrigger easy to use set of triggers for complex event driven behavior
  • ig.EntityCheckpoint checkpoint for automatic player respawning on death
  • ig.utils huge list of utility functions for vectors, drawing, intersections, math, tiles,...
  • and too much more to reasonably list here!

####Download Download Zip Download Zip

##Getting Started ####Generator Method

  1. Use the killer Yeoman Generator put together by @racingcow

####Manual Method

  1. Download using one of the "Download" links and extract the files.
  2. Copy the impactplusplus/lib/plusplus folder into your new or existing ImpactJS project lib directory.
  3. Either copy the impactplusplus/lib/weltmeister/config.js into your projet's lib/weltmeister directory...
  4. Or, if you have a custom Weltmeister config:
    • add 'lib/plusplus/entities/*.js' to the entityFiles setting
    • change the collisionTiles.path setting to 'lib/weltmeister/collisiontiles_plusplus_64.png'

Next, make sure you're comfortable with the ImpactJS Documentation. Then load up the Impact++ Jump N' Run demo (see below) to review the basics, and dive into the Impact++ Documentation.

####Demo: Jump N' Run Check out the Jump N' Run demo for an overview of getting started with Impact++, located in the 'examples/jumpnrun' directory. Don't forget to copy the ImpactJS engine and Weltmeister files into the demo directory!

####Demo: SUPER COLLIDER! Check out the SUPER COLLIDER demo for an overview of how to use almost every single feature in Impact++, located in the 'examples/supercollider' directory. Don't forget to copy the ImpactJS engine and Weltmeister files into the demo directory!

##FAQ ####Ejecta, Cocoonjs, etc? Impact++ has been built from day one to be portable / wrappable to iOS, Android, Win8, etc. Tests are ongoing, but the library does nothing that should need special handling when porting or wrapping your game code for distribution as a mobile app. Please let us know if you find any issues!

####Custom Settings // edit the user config file at 'plusplus/config-user.js' // then you can set values // for any of the properties that appear in ig.CONFIG // and they will automatically be merged // over the base settings ig.CONFIG_USER = { // for example, one thing you'll probably want to set right away // is your own logo (in base64) for the loader LOADER_LOGO_SRC_MAIN: 'data:image/png;base64,...' };

####Design Philosophy

  • Modularity - code should be reusable whenever possible
  • Parametrize - projects should be able to change settings without modifying the library
  • Be agnostic - do not rely on device or browser specific functionality
  • Consistency - the codebase should look like a cohesive whole
  • Document - the codebase should be reasonably documented

####Contributing We'd love it if you want to help make Impact++ better, so if you're interested take a look at CONTRIBUTING.

####License Impact++ is licensed under the MIT license. For full license and information, see LICENSE.

##Changelog Check out the Releases.

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