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##Features not available from

  1. User management
  2. Reports module
  3. Notice Creation
  4. IP Location of players
  5. Option to set name & location for each player
  6. Auto deploy when group config screen is exited
  7. Calendar view for multiple playlists scheduling under Group
  8. Link edit
  9. Availability of beta version
  10. System Notice as part of playlist


  1. customized logo and url (directly change at public/app/img/pisignage-logo.png and public/app/partials/menu.jade)
  2. UI changes (specific to
  3. editing of links
  4. Showing playlists associated with Asset in Asset List and Edit screens, thumbnail in Edit assets
  5. License Status, player name change, location display


  1. Assign asset directly to multiple playlists in asset details screen and assets list screen
  2. Deploy All button
  3. warn user to deploy in playlist
  4. deploy to groups from playlist
  5. Player MAC address display on the server page
  6. font download from Google for offline use
  7. tooltips


  1. drag and drop of assets to upload


  1. Randomising assets order in a playlist


  1. In line with player version 2.0.0


  1. Inline with release 2.2.1 (074d2b4)
  2. Deprecate warnings removed for req.param, Buffer and mongoose promises
  3. Support for new and faster disconnection
    • for the new version to be used specify the http protocol in server name if server does not support https protocol
  4. Support for player configuration
    • Specify reboot of player everyday
    • mainzoneOnly flag in videoWindow to support full screen video in custom layouts
    • Online only playlist which is scheduled only when player is online
    • Audio playlist on HDMI port configuration
  5. OpenVG (beta) ticker support
  6. Show player uptime, processor temperature and space available in player (in player screen)
  7. Alphabetical listing of players and all assets, groups, labels and playlists
  8. Single button to deploy to all groups
  9. Last sync, last reported format change to time ago
  10. Auto orientation of image based on image header
  11. Snapshot orientation corrected for portrait modes
  12. Remove spaces from zipfile names


  1. Inline with release 2.3.0 (46f2de9)
  2. Kiosk UI (either in-built or provide url/zip of your UI app) - under group settings
  3. Gapless video play (BETA) - under group settings
  4. Player-server communication interval under settings
  5. Programmable delay for sending keystrokes to webpage link screen instead of fixed 10 seconds - under weblink


  1. Inline with release 2.5.4 (a8a234f96)
    • Media RSS, video/image text messages, asset specific ticker message, zone4 video support, mute support for video streaming
    • Support for Pi 4 and 4K assets
    • Support for start and end hour for asset validity period
    • Local folder/file play support
    • Support shuffle content before play and merge alternate assets from different playlists options for group playlists
  2. Added dashboard
  3. Remove deprecate warnings and server crashes
  4. Default resolution of new groups changed to auto
  5. Display CPU temperature both in Centigrade and Fahrenheit
  6. Auto adjustment of end-date when start-date is changed to the start date (if end date is earlier)
  7. Limits enhanced - file size for upload to 5GB, max files to 100, max playlists to schedule to 100
  8. Issue fixes with UI
  9. Lexicographic sorting of assets and playlists