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If you have an older NVIDIA GPU that does not support CUDA 9.X or has compute capability 2.X, please download the legacy CUDA version for Windows.

  • COLMAP is now released under the BSD license instead of the GPL
  • COLMAP is now installed as a library, whose headers can be included and
    libraries linked against from other C/C++ code
  • Add hierarchical mapper for parallelized reconstruction or large scenes
  • Add sparse and dense Delaunay meshing algorithms, which reconstruct a
    watertight surface using a graph cut on the Delaunay triangulation of the
    reconstructed sparse or dense point cloud
  • Improved robustness when merging different models
  • Improved pre-trained vocabulary trees available for download
  • Add COLMAP as a software entry under Linux desktop systems
  • Add support to compile COLMAP on ARM platforms
  • Add example Python script to read/write COLMAP database
  • Add region of interest (ROI) cropping in image undistortion
  • Several import bug fixes for spatial verification in image retrieval
  • Add more extensive continuous integration across more compilation scenarios
  • Many more bug fixes and improvements to code and documentation